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Friday, December 31, 2010

Books I read in 2010

Not an impressively long list--because I was busy this year doing other things besides reading as much as I might have liked.

1. Sparrowhawk Book Five: Revolution by Edward Cline

2. Please Stop Laughing at Us...One Survivor’s Extraordinary Quest to Prevent School Bullying by Jodee Blanco

3. Sparrowhawk Book Six: War by Edward Cline

4. Sparrowhawk Companion by Edward Cline

5. 300 Jahre Pfälzer in Amerika / 300 Years Palatines in America by Roland Paul, editor

6. I Passed as a Teenager by Lyn Tornabene

7. 1939: The Lost World of the Fair by David Gelernter

8. A Clueless Man’s Guide to Relationships: What Women Know Instinctively About Relationships—But Men Have to Learn by Kelly C. Fisher

9. The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy

10. Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love by Dorothy Tennov

11. Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women by Harriet Reisen

12. World History Series: The Chinese Cultural Revolution by David Pietrusza

13. Coolidge: An American Enigma by Robert Sobel

14. The Secret Life of Lobsters by Trevor Corson

15. Northern Drift: Sketches on the New York Frontier by John Golden

16. Taking Back the United Methodist Church by Mark Tooley

17. Annie’s Ghosts: A Journey Into a Family Secret by Steve Luxenberg

18. World History Series: The End of the Cold War by David Pietrusza

Happy New Year!

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