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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The most important election day in my life?

That's what many have been saying, and I tend to agree with them. Neal Boortz calls today's election "the ultimate march on Washington."

Do you think they will hear us now? We are sending a message to Obama and all Democrats: we've heard your message and your plans. Don't worry, we understand them. We understand them better than you do. We reject them. And we reject you for calling us stupid, ungrateful, racists. Your Keynesian, progressive, Big Government ideas don't work and they are destroying our economy, our country, and our kids' future. Get out and if the door slams your behinds, we won't be crying for you.

Our work has only begun. And we will need to keep riding the Republicans in office just as much as we are riding the Democrats. Turning over the keys to public office is a powerfully corrupting force. That's why the strictly limited government envisioned and provided for by our nation's Founders was the best of all possible worlds given human nature which they knew so well.

I've been reading about Calvin Coolidge--now there was a President who understood his place in the Federal government. Not perfectly, but he most times stood back and said, "That is not my job to handle or to solve." What a breath of fresh air in these suffocating times of power-grabbing Federal dictators.

I've already voted. Last week I went on two different days to advance voting. The turnout there was tremendous, like I've never seen. The first time there were no available parking spaces and I had to leave without voting. The second time I went I found one of the last parking spaces and took it, then stood in line with my fellow citizens for 25 minutes to cast my votes. The line extended out the door of the building. The crowd was congenial and patient. In fact, lots of people seemed to be appearing there and voting with relish--or with grim determination (which was the look on the face of one man wearing a "Don't Tread on Me" Gasden flag t-shirt as he left the poll). Today, having done my duty, I can spend a few fun hours with my daughter (who is out of school today) at the art museum.

Go, my fellow Americans. Cast your sacred votes with relish and determination. Show them what a mistake happened in 2008, and that we know better now. Democrats, can you hear us yet?

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