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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Going forward through the next two years--and goodbye to California

Bookwork Room gives a good wrap-up of Tuesday's historic election day. See also the series of posts at Power Line, "Wasn't That A Mighty Storm?" parts one through six. Of course I've been glued to the internet, talk radio, and Fox News since 7 p.m. on election day, digesting the results. No need (and no interest) for me to add anything to all these great thinkers, topped by George Will.

Danny Lemieux writes a good summary post about our reasons for optimism in going forward. I agree. I do have a personal sadness for the states of California and New York, however. In fact, I have lived in California, Illinois, and New York and I have people I care about living in each of these places now seemingly firmly in the clutches of liberals bent on taking them down. As Lemieux writes:

As for Illinois, California and New York: let there be justice in Democrats presiding over and taking full credit for the disasters they have created. The problems in these two states are far too deep for any change in administration to resolve – the Titanic is already butting up against the iceberg. Schwarzenegger tried and failed to change California. Chicago’s Mayor Daly, smart man that he is, decided to retire before the proverbial financial *.* hit the fan, as Chicago’s debt obligations are far too great for it to dig itself out (rumor has it that Daly is part of a consortium that is positioned to buy-out the lucrative McCormick Expo Center, when it is inevitably privatized to help pay down the debt Daly created). Jerry Brown (CA) and Pat Quinn (IL) are just the buffoons to take their bows at their states’ collapse. Andrew Cuomo (NY)…we shall see.
With Governor Moonbeam at the helm, there is no hope for California now. I fear the tipping point has been passed. If I still lived there today, I would be making plans to leave, along with the other people who flee California every day (read the comments). Not to mention the businesses.

As someone posted online, it it is now up to the heartland between the coasts to save the country. We'll do our best. And we invite all you wiser refugees from the Peoples Republics of the Right and Left Coasts to give us a hand.

See also: "A State in the Rear View Mirror" from the LA Times, December 2008. Prospects are looking much worse for California now.

In the words of the grape farmer of Selma (aka Prof. Victor Davis Hanson):

In California, there is some irony: The philosophy that led the state to the highest tax rates in the country, along with the near-worst schools, largest deficits, and most crumbling infrastructure, was reaffirmed. Now California’s state government will have to deal with the reality that if the highest-tax state in the union raises taxes still higher, it will lose even more high earners than the current 3,000 who leave each week. A Republican Congress is not likely to bail out a bankrupt California. More likely, we will see even more of the present ad hoc government-by-euphemism. More “furloughs” instead of pay cuts for unionized public employees, “temporary” larger class sizes in the schools, more “user fees” imposed by executive order in lieu of getting new taxes passed.

The state will continue to descend into a pyramidal society. On top there is the wealthy, leftist coastal elite from Napa to Hollywood, which is seemingly immune from the effects of high taxes and regulation (and wants more green laws, gay marriage, abortion, and therapeutic bromides). The top of the pyramid is in league with a growing underclass in part dependent upon a huge entitlement industry; this coalition thus favors more taxes, entitlements, unionized public employees, open borders, etc. Meanwhile, a squeezed middle-class private sector is slowly being strangled, shutting down, and leaving.

Perfect. Just the kind of society socialists want--workers at the bottom and elitists on top.

UPDATE: Here's another consequence for California from Tuesday's election day.

UPDATE: Need a relocation coach? Scroll down to see all the businesses that have left California.

UPDATE: No bailouts for California!! Let the Democrats and the people who voted for this mess stew in their own juice.

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