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Monday, November 22, 2010

Disney's dumping princess stories

according to the LA Times:

"By the time they're 5 or 6, they're not interested in being princesses," said Dafna Lemish, chairwoman of the radio and TV department at Southern Illinois University and an expert in the role of media in children's lives. "They're interested in being hot, in being cool. Clearly, they see this is what society values."

MGA Entertainment, the maker of Bratz dolls, knocked the toy industry's blond bombshell off her stilettos by recognizing how little girls' interests have morphed.

"You've got to go with the times," MGA Chief Executive Isaac Larian said. "You can't keep selling what the mothers and the fathers played with before. You've got to see life through their lens."

Well, isn't that comforting. Walt would be proud.

Kids who are interested in being hot or cool at age 5 or 6 are so sad. It makes me infuriated at their stupid parents.

We've never owned one of those obnoxious Bratz dolls, and I wouldn't give one to any little girl as a gift. I steer my kids away from that kind of merchandizing just as I steer them away from the Snoburbia glitz of Britny Spears, etc. I did spring for one of the beautiful American Girl dolls--that company seems to see things through the eyes of the little girls I know and love, and I was happy to support them.

Thankfully in lieu of whatever the forward-looking honchos at 21st-century Disney will now be animating, we can still count on our DVDs of classic-era Disney fare to entertain our kids.


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