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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Democrats = creepy

Maybe it's just Halloween weekend, but does anybody else besides me feel more than usually creeped out by our President, our most recent Democrat Past President, the current Democrat administration, Democrats in office around the land, and leftists in general?

Does anybody else feel it's really icky for a sitting President to be non-stop campaigning in such a partisan fashion as Obama is doing now instead of staying home and governing Presidentially from the Oval Office where he belongs? Something about this campaigning seems so anti-Presidential and over-the-top inappropriate.

And the performance of Bill Clinton on the campaign trail is utterly shameful and without excuse. He has spit in the face of our country's tradition of past Presidents maintaining self-respecting and respectful non-partisan roles in private life following their Presidencies. But spitting in the face of tradition and what's appropriate to the office of President is Bill Clinton's schtick, after all. He lives up to it beautifully. Always surprising, that man, in how low he'll go.

But that's indicative of Democrats and leftists in general. You just can't keep up with all the creative ways they are willing to break rules, screw things up, cheat, lie, and steal. I can't imagine why anybody still wants to self-identify with that brand.

Evidently more men than women are getting that message and dropping their support for the Dems right now. Yet women are a force in driving the tea parties and the conservative branch of the GOP as well, along with minorities. I am glad to see that.

UPDATE: Not really related, but just too funny! -- Negative attack ads circa 1800 (via Ace of Spades HQ).

UPDATE: An Appeal to Black Voters!



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