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Monday, September 27, 2010

Volunteering for the November elections

"Ranting is okay. But what are we going to, concretely, DO?"

As a proud tea partier, there is no lack of ways or places I can volunteer in the next few weeks before the November 2010 mid-term elections. In fact, it is a matter of not having enough time to do all I want to do (let alone blog about it). Fortunately there are a lot of ordinary conservatives of all ages, just like me, who are stepping forward to put their principles into action, fighting AGAINST outright Marxism and creeping nanny-state socialism and fighting FOR smaller government, lower taxes, and more liberty for the American people. We the ordinary people of America will turn back the tide this November.

See the websites of Americans For Prosperity, for Freedom Works, and/or for the Tea Party Patriots for ways you can network and volunteer with your neighbors, including door-to-door visits, poll-watching, and personal calls--the "boots on the ground" campaign in the next few weeks.

There are many conservative challengers running for office who could really use a few bucks. (Here are a few more.) Help them out. I've been sending small donations nationwide for the first time in my life--the stakes warrant it. Our family's affected--and invested.

If you are so inclined (or skilled) you can also make some videos.

Next election, you can even consider running for local precinct committeeman.

There is much to be done, and much that can be done, and fortunately, no one of us has to do it all because, for the first time in history, so much of us are doing so much.

UPDATE: Get off the couch!

UPDATE: Be the wave!

UPDATE: Voter fraud watch: you can help. It's a serious problem perpetrated nationwide by Democrats.

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