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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I write poetry: "Health Care Reform, January 2010"

Health care reform, January 2010

When I dared to open my eyes
They had poured a sleek new sea
into the basin where the busy road had been.
Its surface shimmered like silver leaves, animating
a new horizon, and it filled
and ended all our ways. Open mouthed,
I just happened to be one person
crossing through that day.
I hadn’t known this was in the works.
I hadn’t known anybody wanted this.
It was poured into our hands
as if all of us had upraised them, begging for it,
a massive surprise.
I looked to see if anybody else here
had wanted it. Some people cheered
and splashed in deeper.
I looked down and saw the little fishes and
the new wavelets tugging at my legs.
Is this water clean? I wondered.
My bundles and my purse were gone.
The bank was receding.
In my pocket was still my camera.
Fumbling among the folds of my clothes,
struggling, quick, before it got wet,
I freed and raised my device to snap
such pretty pictures
amazing pictures
before I would have to think.

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