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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Obama's slow response to a 'Katrina in Kentucky'

He rode his new toy, Air Force 1, to a spa near Williamsburg, but hasn't yet visited the devastated (predominantly white) people going without power from ice storms in Kentucky that began on January 27th. Do the news media pull a Bush attack avalanche on President Obama? Ha! Are angry white Kentuckians rioting, looting, and excoriating the Feds' and the Presidents' lack of attention in front of gaping TV cameras or a teary Geraldo Rivera? I hear crickets.

Instead, here's the kind of practical, fair-minded, and clever rumination the libertarian-right proposes (via Instapundit). We have all the good, big-picture arguments and sound, realistic, and moral thinking on our side, but when it comes to elections and government, we tend to lose the propaganda war for hearts and minds. Why is that and how can it be changed?

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  • At Monday, February 16, 2009 12:48:00 AM, Anonymous Dave said…

    I was without power for 15 day here in Western KY, never saw the National Guard, never saw FEMA, Never saw Nobama, and never saw any looting, stealing, raping, murdering etc etc let you had amongst the gemme, gemme, gemme class of Katrina. I did see people helping people and orderly waiting on lines to BUY supplies were you could ... no one give use anything and that's ok ... only after a week did FEMA bring a few meals, and some ICE ... ICE in a freaking ICE STORM they brought ICE! Morons.


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