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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What to do now that the Democrats rule

Now that Senator Obama will be our next President, with an ever larger majority of Democrats in Congress, there is plenty of work for libertarians, conservatives, and independents to do.

How about building and growing a viable alternative news media industry (including and beyond broadcast and print) to fill the empty shoes of the one that so spectacularly failed and compromised itself this year?

How about organizing to ensure all elections and voter registrations are fair, accurate, and legal? Can we finally put to rest the shame of dead people voting in America this century? Can we start tackling the big problems of voter fraud, such as double voting in two or more states (via Instapundit)? Incidentally, that's what investigative journalism is supposed to look like. How about finding, supporting, and incentivizing more of that?

How about continuing the push (especially in light of Obama's proposed disastrous tax policies) toward finally adopting the Fair Tax? This is a non-partisan idea that will instantly remedy many of our country's economic ills and spur U.S. growth both domestically and in the global marketplace.

Or how about continuing to support the important "counterculture" organizations that have already made such an important mark in supplying ideas to our national conversation: The Cato Institute, The Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, The Reason Foundation, F.I.R.E., Young Americans for Freedom, The Federalist Society, the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute?

How about advocating that our universities and colleges work toward real diversity of thought and speech? Why should we concede that our publically-funded universities should offer an undisputed haven to the kind of subversive radicals typified by Bill Ayers and Ward Churchill?

How about starting and funding more pro-free-market organizations, like Clemson University's Institute for the Study of Capitalism?

How about supporting young independent filmmakers and other artists who don't want to toe the politically correct "Hollywood" line?

How about including real education in economics, history, civics, and true debate and critical thinking in high schools? Much more can and should be done on the local and state levels to roll back apathy, inertia, and deliberate subversion by leftist teachers and administrators.

How about fighting for school vouchers and privatization wherever possible?

We've learned from all the twists and turns and revelations of this election year that our country needs us more than ever. Pick an area and pour your heart into it, starting November 5th.



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