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Friday, November 07, 2008

Some silver linings following the election

1. I didn't have a hangover, at least, after the election (because I don't drink or do drugs anyway). Good for me for taking it all cold sober.

2. The interminable campaign is finally over. Gee, the birds are singing again.

3. Sarah and Todd Palin get to return home to Alaska and their families, where, I suspect, their hearts lie anyway. Thanks for your stalwart service, for braving the crap that was thrown at you, and now go enjoy your homefires and those kids! (Seriously, I found the Palins the one best spark of enjoyment in the election cycle.)

4. I don't have to be affiliated with or feel represented by Senator John McCain anymore. He is indisputably a true American hero, but not any kind of consistent conservative.

5. We have our first President from Hawaii (a great and interesting state), and our first mixed-race President. I sincerely hope this will prove to be as positively beneficial as so many seem to think. Personally, I don't vote by skin color or ethnic makeup (that's tribalism). And I don't expect what a candidate looks like to be sufficient or necessary to heal anything racial in our country. In fact, I expect the Obama Presidency will provide a lightning rod for more and new racial divisions originating in such racially exclusionary bodies as the Congressional Black Caucus, or anything affiliated with race-warlords like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Wright, etc., that might ironically be put forth in the name of improving or equalizing race relations while actually attempting to pit favored special interest groups against others. But I do sincerely congratulate and am happy for those Americans who have a positive emotional or personal reaction to this historic milestone. I hope with all my heart Senator Obama's win will really put an end to racist thinking in America. [UPDATE: Shelby Steele thinks not. (Via The Corner at NRO)]

6. We have a lot of new people joining the political process. Welcome to them! In my experience you learn more every time you vote and see how "your" candidate works out (in other words, you get older and wiser and more aware of cause and effect, of consequences and the cycles of history). The more you get involved, the more you learn, the more differences you can make, and the better you and America are for it.

7. Speaking of historical cycles, our beloved country has survived and thrived through a Revolution, a Civil War, the burning of the White House, an attack on New York City and the Pentagon, a Great Depression, two harrowing World Wars, the Korean and the Vietnam Wars, the Cold War, several Presidential assassinations, FDR, LBJ, the Great Society, Watergate, Nixon's resignation, two Presidential impeachments, slavery, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights reformations, the Carter years, and the Clinton years. I guess we can survive another resurgence of the tax-and-spend Democrats and a President Obama.

8. Thanks to our precious U.S. Constitution (the shortest and oldest written constitution of any major sovereign state), The United States of America has just shown the world how a republic continues to regularly, peacefully, and lawfully transfer power, as it has for over two hundred years. That's the real unspoken winner in the election.

Today's funny: Ha!!

Even funnier: Iowahawk's silver linings are gold. (Via Ace)

UPDATE: One more silver lining: at least for the next four years we get to listen to President Obama's mellow tones instead of President Hillary Clinton's screech. That's worth something.



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