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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ugh. I'm voting for Palin

Last night's debate disgusted me. Obama blah-blahed the same old lines, no change and no hope there. He continued to dodge the softball, non-followed-up questions about how he plans to pay for his vastly expanded nanny-state empire, denies he will raise taxes at all on 95% of Americans (beyond laughable, to ignore the disastrous consequences of his "economic plan"), and kept blowing the same old nonsensical lines that seem to resonate so feelingly with ignorant citizens mesmerized by the gloss and the mellifluous voice.

Meanwhile, McCain refused to make points about how bad Obama really is. Time and again he let Obama's deceptive and sophomoric comments go effectively unchallenged. Not long after McCain advocated renegotiating mortgages to keep people in their homes (by fixing prices, breaking contracts and destroying the mortgage market and all incentives and expectations with it), and started babbling about global warming, I had to turn off the television. This man, McCain, who supposedly is running a reformist, anti-big-government campaign, can't seem to understand fully what he's even proposing. This is no surprise, as McCain is still being McCain, as his record has always reflected. It is just depressing that these two candidates are the "best" choice we have in this election while we wage war on two fronts, parry with international jihad, and try to mince our way through the current financial landmine.

As a Wall Street Journal review more or less says today, if this is the best John McCain can do, he deserves to lose the election. Sadly, true. Except that Obama as President would be immeasurably more clueless and infinitely worse as a loose cannon on the domestic and the international scenes. Add in his probable appointees, and a Democrat-controlled Congress unleashed and led by the current insane clown posse of Pelosi, Reid, and such Dems as "Fannie is fine" Barney Frank and "What taxes?" Charles Rangel, and it's time to hunker in the bunker and kiss the American Dream goodbye.

I'm voting for Sarah Palin. I'm giving no blanket mandate to John McCain's policies, now or forever. And I'm not looking to government to solve any of my problems. I'm just praying government stays out of the way, out of the business and out of the personal lives and decisions of my law-abiding family and me. I guess that's kind of a vote for no hope and no change. But it does explain why conservatives like me advocate for as little government as possible. We need to contain all these Washington reps, both the corrupt, ambitious poseurs and the honest ignorants, to having as little power over Americans' lives as possible.

UPDATE: Here's a Presidential Townhall Debate Cheat Sheet for those (like me) who didn't watch. And here are some alternate responses McCain could have offered (by Neal Boortz)



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