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Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah sparkled, Biden lied

Still excited by last night's Vice-Presidential debate. Sarah Palin has proven herself to be a quicker study than Obama, and just as intelligent, if not more. It would really be a horse race if Sarah were running against Obama. She would clean his clock. Especially if she had hit the campaign trail at the same time as he did. That she could emerge last night looking and being as professional and confident as she was after only five weeks on the campaign trail is astounding.

It makes my head hurt just to imagine how much she must have successfully crammed--and she still looked happy. She is one amazing woman. Makes me proud that America produces such people. Powerline says:

She was calm, commanding and articulate. She repeatedly knifed Biden with a smile and showed why she is one of the most effective communicators in American politics. I've been watching Presidential debates since 1960, and I can't recall a more one-sided matchup than the first 30 minutes of tonight's debate. It was all Sarah Palin.

...One of my favorites was her "shout out" to her sister's third grade class back in Alaska, who got extra credit for watching the debate. This was one of many reminders that, to the average television viewer, Palin is one of "us" and not one of "them."

Biden on the other hand (one of "them") was--unbelievable. My son and I horselaughed when he talked about hanging out at the local Home Depot to talk to normal people so he knows what's up in America. He goes to Home Depot to politik and find out what the common folk are doing; Sarah and Todd are the common folk who go to Home Depot to get things done right the first time by themselves.

What's worse and not so funny: Biden lied. I am no wonk who keeps close track of these things, but even I have seen proof all over the internet that Obama did say earlier in the campaign (before he wised up and got cagey) that he would sit down and talk as President face-to-face with Ahmadinijad without preconditions, but Biden claimed he didn't say that. Unbelievably stupid in the age of digital tracking. As Obama was unbelievably stupid to insist in his last debate with John McCain that Henry Kissinger supported him in such madness--which Kissinger, on the phone next day with Fox News, vehemently and unequivocably denied.

So now we know it's a combined front for the Lying Party (Democrats).

It also angered me to hear Biden touting his philosophy of "Borking" Supreme Court nominees. In Clarence Thomas's autobiography, My Grandfather's Son: A Memoir, Thomas describes how Joe Biden assured him he would be getting a fair shake during the confirmation process, and then double-crossed him and ambushed him with Anita Hill. As one reviewer puts it: "I think any objective reader will be hard pressed to read this account and not come away with a sense that what happened to Justice Thomas ranks among one of the most low down, dirty things our elected officials have done to any one individual." Joe Biden engineered that dirty work, and he is still proud of it.

So it was a clear match-up between Sarah Palin, a breath of fresh air blowing into Washington, and Joe Biden, Washington Business As Usual. Hope the voters see it that way and make the right decision for the country.

Meanwhile, Roger L. Simon says the mainstream media got shown up last night. Seems right to me, but will the average person at Home Depot detect that?

AFTERTHOUGHT: And what was that where Sarah's microphone was turned up so loud that her comments to Biden before the debate and to her family after the debate were picked up clearly to the TV audience while Biden's comments were all but inaudible? Was somebody trying to set her up for an open-mic gaffe? If so, it didn't work. "Can I call you Joe?" she said. She took sweet command right from the start. Sarah Palin is a formidable opponent.

ADDITIONAL AFTERTHOUGHT: Did Biden really say this? That ticket really is into "fairness" over law and order--into "fairness" as a cover for socialist class warfare and income redistribution.

It really is an important election. I hope the voters are paying attention.

UPDATE: Biden's lies -- the list grows. "My question... Is he on drugs?"

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