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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama's bad baggage

There are so many troubling questions about Barack Obama that it is incredible to me that this candidate still has a viable chance (according to polls, at least) of winning the election and becoming President. The only reason for this that I can see is that the media has not been doing its job in thoroughly investigating and putting to rest these questions (with or without Obama's cooperation)--and informing the voters why these matters are important. It may be understandable that busy citizens aren't aware and don't care, but that hardly excuses well-educated journalists, publishers, and broadcasters who are living off the economy supposedly by serving democracy and informing the populace of the truth so that we can decide for ourselves.

What are these troublesome questions? Here are a few:

1. If Obama is a natural-born American citizen, what is he hiding? McCain has released his birth (and medical records). Why won't Obama? The birth issue becomes important if it’s demonstrated that Obama was ineligible to become President, if he knew he was ineligible (even if he knew he was technically an illegal immigrant!) but he proceeded to run anyway, aided and abetted by the Democratic National Committee. It is not so much the technical legalities that are the issue as it is the cover-up, if there is one. Why won't Obama address this by being forthcoming about releasing his birth records?

2. Does Barack Obama agree with Bill Ayres? If Barack Obama has no problems working with William Ayers to "reform" education, does he agree with Ayers' revolutionary aims (as "a radical, Leftist, small 'c' communist") to "overcome the failings of capitalist education"? What were they actually doing and aiming to accomplish (since they didn't raise students' achievement scores) in disbursing all of those Annenberg Challenge funds together? And by the way, when did Obama (and his wife, Michelle) first meet Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, and what influence has Bill Ayers' father, the don of Illinois Democrat politics, had on Obama's career? What is the full extent of the relationships among these people? Why did Obama first say his relationship with Bill Ayres was so minimal when it clearly was not? And why did Obama choose to go to Chicago, of all places--was it because his friend, Bill Ayers, was there?

3. Was Barack Obama a socialist? And if so, why did he not admit this in his books? What socialist tenets does he still ascribe to? Why did he run as a New Party candidate and what was the New Party's relationship to ACORN?

4. Do Barack Obama and his wife still ascribe to "black liberation theology"? It is essentially a Marxist and a racist philosophy. Obama may have renounced his connection to the race-bating Rev. Jeremiah Wright (when it became politically expedient to do so), but has he ever spoken at length on his current views of black liberation theology? As Glenn Beck and many others marvel, "This would destroy anybody else's career." Why is Obama still viable as a Presidential candidate?

Obama can keep throwing past associates under the bus and airbrushing them out of his life.

As Tony Blankley has said, "The public will be voting based on the idealized image of the man who never was."

The final question is one for all of us: Will we let Barack Obama get away with it?

I think there are too many Democrats and Republicans and Independents and Libertarians who will recognize that electing the mysterious and smooth Barack Obama as President will just not be at all good for the country we all love.

"Why Obama's Past Associations Matter" -- Thank-you to bloggers like Betsy Newmark who continue doing the work the mainstream media won't do.

UPDATE: And after asking Obama about the foregoing obvious questions, the media might finally get around to quizzing him about some of his campaign statements. I mean, don't you think that might be wise, given how close the election is?

As Sean Hannity says, 2008 was the year journalism died.

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