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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I want to know more about Duncan Hunter

He looks (at first blush, as Huckabee once looked) like a good candidate for conservatives to back. But he has not gotten the media attention and vetting in the public eye that the other candidates have gotten. Why not?

I feel I have learned the inside pros and cons of all the Republican candidates except for Duncan Hunter. I like what he says on his website (except I want to know more about what he means by "fair trade" and raising reciprocal tariffs--does he really understand economics and the free market?). I just don't trust what the leftists say. I want the so-called mainstream media and most importantly, the conservative bloggers I trust to put their most objective, probing, critical, diverse, and brutally honest spotlights on this guy and tell us exactly what's good about him and more importantly, exactly what's bad about him, before the Republican convention. Why aren't they doing this? Who decided Romney, Giuliani, and McCain would be the top tier?

Duncan Hunter may just be the right man for President, for all I know. I'd like to find out more before the primaries. Because I am not entirely happy voting for any of the other Republican candidates, I want more hot, passionate, detailed discussion of Duncan Hunter, as the last unknown.

Does anybody else feel the same way?

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin drops a crumb.


  • At Thursday, December 27, 2007 11:51:00 AM, Blogger TheTownCrier said…

    The more you learn about Hunter the better you will like him! Everything here you want to know.....

    The wit and wisdom of Duncan Hunter

    (AP) Referring to Giuliani, Romney and McCain, Hunter said: "The guy who has the most influence with these three gentlemen is Ted Kennedy. We need to move away from the Kennedy wing of the Republican party." Hunter

    “I don't need consultants to give me a conservative image." Duncan Hunter
    I asked Hunter what he makes of [Texas Gov.] Perry's doubting border walls.
    "Perry should visit southern California", Hunter replied, "to see how better fences prevent crossings. If you can climb the real border fence," he said, "we sign you up for the Olympics."
    Duncan Hunter: I don’t belong to any organized religion... I’m a Baptist.
    Duncan Hunter when speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference about his finish in the South Carolina poll said, “You know, I woke up to … one of the commentators saying that the only reason that Hunter beat all those guys in South Carolina is because his Marine son has been there for a week. Well, I looked down at that army of consultants, everybody who was vertical in South Carolina was hired by the other guys, and I said, ‘You know, that is a good match-up: One Marine versus 550 consultants.’ We did have the advantage!”
    Hunter: "I’m leaving to meet a constituent that I haven’t seen for a long time... my wife! "

    Hunter responding to Johnny Suttons' remarks re: Campeon/Ramos:
    HUNTER: You know, that's about the weakest statement I have ever heard and about the weakest justification for saying that a guy is unarmed. So ask him. Pin him down on this thing. Say, did you search him, did anybody search him and so if you didn't search him, how do you know he's unarmed. And hit him with that. And, you know, the other question I'd ask him, if that's true, how did those 600 people die in Nuevo Laredo, most of them in drug-related murders if guns weren't used? Do these guys choke to death on their Wheaties in the morning?

    Rep. Hunter makes use of child labor

    We aren’t sure whether Rep. Duncan Hunter’s grandson is going to be class president or bully bait — it could go either way.

    Hunter (R-Calif.) recounted in the Sept. 27 GOP presidential debate that the child, who is also named Duncan and called “D-3” by his family, has picked up some questionable habits from his grandfather.

    “He walked up to his first-grade teacher about a month ago, stuck his hand out, and said, ‘My name is Duncan Hunter … My grampa’s going to be president,’” the senior Hunter said. “And then this little 6-year-old looked his teacher right in the eye, and he said, ‘Now, can I count on your vote?’ ”
    Duncan Hunter comes right down Santa Claus lane (archive 1985)

    Nurse Amy Salud, one of a platoon of nurses thanking Hunter for cheering their patients, shakes his hand and says they have met before. On a previous hospital visit? asks the congressman. "No, at the Miss Philippines Pageant," says Salud. Hunter puts on a Scrooge face. "Ah, yes," he says, "the Miss Philippines Pageant. I didn't win." Salud laughs.

    He hands her a House of Representatives pen. He hands another to a bedridden patient. Hunter bends over and half-whispers, "It's a congressional pen. It writes only in red." The patient laughs.

  • At Thursday, December 27, 2007 12:13:00 PM, Blogger Zabrina said…

    These quotes did make me laugh. It is tempting to see him cast as another Reagan coming from the West. Hope he gets a fair shake before the primaries.


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