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Friday, November 16, 2007

What he pays/she pays for casual sex

Both of my children are taking "health" classes at school this semester, including sections on "sex ed" (more about that later). In doing some research I've been coming across some websites and comments that reflect a current body of "wisdom" that seeks to encourage young people (including very young people) to make "healthy choices" and "take responsibility for their own bodies" when they "choose to have sexual activity," and to "experiment" and "have fun" in "exploring their sexuality." Here's what I have to say about that:

Possible Medical Costs
of “experimenting” and “having fun” with casual sex:

He pays:

  • $20 for ample supply of condoms

  • $20-$30 for enough music and liquor to get the “experimenting” girl in the mood

  • $100 for doctor’s visit and a round of antibiotics for syphilis, gonorrhea, HPV warts, or chlamydia (repeat as needed)

  • $100 for diagnosis and treatment of herpes; repeat periodically for rest of life

  • $400 his share for the abortion and subsequent crisis containment, including transportation and psychiatric counseling for him/her/both, if any

  • $20 for first installment of disposable baby diapers (see “Medical costs of having a baby/paternity and custody suits/court-ordered visitations/child support”)

She pays:

  • $15 for drugstore treatment for the first yeast infection (repeat as needed)

  • $100 for diagnosis, tests, and treatment of first episode of cystitis (bladder infection) (higher costs if weekend ER visits needed; repeat as often as necessary)

  • $80.00 for first yearly pelvic exam, PAP smear, and STD screen
  • $30-$95 for HPV vaccine (add more for complications)

  • $50 for first supply of birth control pills, after he starts balking at using condoms

  • $50 for doctor’s visit after pills give her bad side effects

  • $50-$100+ for trying other birth control methods that may or may not work (repeat as needed)

  • $5 pregnancy testing kit when her period is late (repeat as needed)

  • $50-$100 for “morning after pill”

  • $100 for doctor’s visit and a round of antibiotics for syphilis, gonorrhea, HPV, chlamydia, or one of the other 20+ current STDs (repeat as needed)

  • $100+ for doctor’s visit to burn or cut HPV warts off cervix

  • $100 for diagnosis and treatment of herpes; repeat periodically for rest of life

  • $400 for her share of abortion fees and subsequent crisis containment, including transportation, psychiatric counseling, and/or Prozac, as needed

  • $10,000-$90,000 twenty years later for infertility treatments after chlamydia scarred her Fallopian tubes (include more for ectopic pregnancy)

  • $5,000-$50,000+ for treatment of cervical cancer from HPV

  • Giving up goals and dreams of an upbeat lifestyle to raise a child alone in poverty OR giving up dream of ever being a mother to her own biological child or children: priceless.

Note: This chart optimistically assumes no contraction of the HIV/AIDS virus.
Emotional costs are not included.

Get out your checkbooks, ladies, if you’re going to experiment with these experiences. This is only a part of what is involved when you are encouraged to "take responsibility for your own body" if you "choose to be sexually active."

And if you think your college health clinic will make it more affordable for you to "choose to be sexually active" without financial consequences, proceed to “Emotional Costs of ‘Experimenting’ and ‘having fun’ with casual sex.” Or just imagine how there is nothing quite like facing a delayed period, abortion, biopsy, or betrayal by your "friend with benefits" during Finals Week.

And gentlemen who claim to love women should realize and appreciate the full price women risk paying when they say "yes."

Hat tip: Dr. Miriam Grossman (a true feminist) and her book, Unprotected. I will make sure my kids read it.



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