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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Full English breakfast

Here is a photo of the full English breakfast, with "chips" ("French fries," to you Americans). And here is another photo of a full English breakfast. And another. And another. And here is a stock photo of the full English breakfast elements. This photo shows the full English breakfast incorporating "black pudding" (which is, in American-speak, "blood sausage," and was a variation we somehow managed to avoid on our recent visit to the U.K.).

The elements we encountered were invariably:

"Bacon" (to us recognizable as "Canadian bacon," or "Virginia ham")

Sausages (reminding us of that "Fawlty Towers" sketch where the pompous physician insists, "I'm a doctor and I want my sausages!")

Two eggs (they look like "sunny-side up," but I think they are "poached")

"Grilled cherry tomatoes" (these "cherry tomatoes" were invariably golf-ball sized, not cherry sized)

Heinz baked beans (straight from the can--how odd!)

Sauted mushrooms (for breakfast?)

and sometimes, a frozen hash brown patty.

What makes this breakfast arrangement "English" I wonder? When we encountered scrambled eggs at a breakfast buffet, that was part of the "American" breakfast. Why? Who decides these things, and how do they become received ideas across the whole of the British isle?

We happen to love what we call big, "greasy spoon" breakfasts, which I admit we used to tolerate much better in our younger, misspent days of youthful indulgence. But our first "Full English Breakfast" in Britain nearly slayed me. As the only guests at our first bed-and-breakfast in England, we were first urged by our kind hostess to help ourselves to the fruits, cereals and homemade yogurt and fresh rolls and homemade jams (all excellent), which we did.

Then, dangerously, we were served huge warm plates of freshly-cooked Full English Breakfast artfully prepared just for us. I tried to do it justice, beyond the point of pain. After that cautionary morning we knew to pace ourselves better, and gradually gravitated to Continental breakfasts (croissants, jam, juice and coffee) more in line with our stomach capacities.

Travel is broadening and so is the Full English Breakfast.

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  • At Thursday, November 08, 2007 11:43:00 AM, Blogger ATHblogger said…

    May I use your first photo of English-Breakfast.jpg on my husband's web site, ?

    He's an English guy who is really into breakfast, and mentions it a lot on his radio show.

    I've just started my own blog,

    and would welcome your input.

  • At Thursday, November 08, 2007 6:04:00 PM, Blogger Zabrina said…

    It is not my photo, I linked to somoeone else's photo. But you can ask them.

  • At Tuesday, August 19, 2008 12:14:00 AM, Anonymous said…

    if your ever in the uk again you have to try the black pudding - make sure its cooked right through as the blood can put ppl off - but it is an undiscriably lovely taste especially with some black pepper.


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