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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stop the presses! Democrats misunderstand how the market works!

Or maybe they understand, but pretend not to. Why would that be, I wonder?

Betsy Newmark explains (in "Democrats Against Medical Progress") why Democrat-driven government intrusion into Medicare D pharmaceuticals delivery to seniors will be a bad idea, and sums up:

I beg the Democrats to keep their hands off the pharmaceutical industry. They're working hard to develop the drugs of tomorrow that we're going to depend on to treat diseases that any of us or our loved ones could come down with. They invest billions in this research and it doesn't always pan out. Let them make profits now so they can do the research on those drugs that we may have to take one day. If people are happy with Medicare Part D then leave it alone. It's not worth the partisan attacks to muck around with the drug industry.

National Review Online sums up the many economic arguments against raising the minimum wage. Additionally, Neal Boortz minces no words on the subject:

We are about to reinforce the idea that in a free market economy it is the role of the government to set wages, and that politicians can, if they choose, use the police power of government to force an employer to pay an employee more than that employee is worth. Tell me, how would you like it if the government made you pay more for a product or service you need than that product or service is worth? You might think that just wouldn't be right. Well ... that's exactly what the government is doing to some employers.

But here's what I don't understand. How's come whenever Democrats talk about raising the minimum wage, it's only a dollar or two? They want to raise it to $7.25 or about being cheap! If you can't raise a family on $5.15 an hour, then how are you going to do it on $7.25 an hour? Why not raise the minimum wage to something say, $25 an hour. Obviously the single mom running the drive-thru at the local taco stand deserves that.

Oh...we can't raise it that much? Because it would kill jobs? Then if that is the case, liberals themselves are proving the point of their opponents. And by the way, this idea that somebody is supposed to raise a family on the minimum wage is nonsense. The minimum wage is for high school kids...people just entering the workforce. If that's the best you can do after working several years, then there is only one way to describe a person in that situation: a loser.

Neal McCluskey explains how lowering interest rates on federal student loans brings political accolades for Democrats while raising tuition for students:

Now, don't get me wrong. Making college more affordable is a laudable goal, especially in light of the stratospheric heights to which tuition has soared over the last few decades. But making student loans cheaper will only exacerbate the problem....

And here's your tutorial about tax cuts right from the horse's mouth, Arthur B. Laffer:

Lower tax rates change people's economic behavior and stimulate economic growth, which can create more--not less--tax revenues.
That's right, tax cuts increase federal revenues. They do.

Reduce tax rates and the federal deficit shows a reduction as well (via Instapundit and Tigerhawk).

How do Democrats manage to get away with ignoring the economic evidence, while passing legislation deterimental to our nation's economy and hence, its people?


  • At Wednesday, January 24, 2007 4:35:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How do Democrats manage to get away with ignoring the economic evidence, while passing legislation deterimental to our nation's economy and hence, its people?

    Because the average American with a hefty credit card balance thinks they're doing well if they can make the minimum payment. If simple compound interest is beyond most people then the Democrats can say anything they want.


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