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Sunday, November 12, 2006

What to do if your local imam starts to preach hate

My reading has further opened my eyes to the fact that Saudi-financed radical Wahhabi Islam is currently being preached and pushed in mosques, Islamic centers and schools (including, creepingly, even in some public schools), and in the general colleges and universities in many ordinary communities within the United States. These institutions, teachers, community leaders, spokesmen, and imams are directly targeting the very young and impressionable, but they also account for some of the upswing in increasingly militant and fundamentalist views among adult Muslims in the U.S. as well.

The foremost aim of the Wahhabis is first, to impose the conformity of a single voice on Muslims (by theological, emotional, or physical intimidation of those believers who do not conform), and then to spread jihad to all people on earth by either conversion, subjugation (the state of dhimmitude), or the sword. Saudi-financed Middle Eastern Studies professors and programs are what's responsible for the puzzling rise in the number of virulent anti-Semitic, militant pro-Palestinian agitators on our nation's campuses in the past several years (happily joined by the traditional dupes and campus lefties who share the radical Muslims' hatred for "Amerikka").

The Muslim Brotherhood (affiliated with Hamas, its arm in the U.S. is called the Muslim American Society) is also involved in this goal of fundamentalist, militant jihad (and its name keeps cropping up around the U.S. in various incidents) in what can be viewed as an overall, deliberate "master plan":

Equally troubling is the ideology that lies behind the plan: inciting hatred and violence against Jewish populations around the world; the deliberate co-opting and subversion of Western public and private institutions; its recommendation of a policy of deliberate escalating confrontation by Muslims living in the West against their neighbors and fellow-citizens; the acceptance of terrorism as a legitimate option for achieving their ends and the inevitable reality of jihad against non-Muslims; and its ultimate goal of forcibly instituting the Islamic rule of the caliphate by shari’a in the West, and eventually the whole world.

This sounds incredible to snoozing Western ears, I know, like some loopy Roger Corman horror movie, or some nightmarish conspiracy theory you just want to wake up from. But though 9/11 had plenty of horror, it was no theory and it was no dream.

My research since 9/11 has led me to the point where I'm beginning to see, by a preponderance of the evidence now being marshalled and available to all, that the enemy is indeed among us and working actively and effectively to end our democracy and freedoms (freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of human rights--especially for all women).

What to do? First, educate yourself and others.

Non-Muslims: Become aware of who and where the Muslims are in your community; don't treat them as if they are invisible. Find out more about them and reach out to them, inviting them to feel they are a part of your community (or find out if they reject this). But stand up against "the Islamification of America." Support those who are speaking out the truth about radical Islam.

And if you are a Muslim in the U.S. and your imam starts preaching to you or your children hate and discrimination against your neighbors, or the Jews, the Christians, the country and the government that is sheltering you, stand up with the rest of your local umma for your beliefs in Islam as a loving and peaceful religion (if that is true) and send him back to where he came from.

Then call the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI. Or send in an anonymous tip by email (you do not need to give your name, address, or other identifying information).

Peace-loving Muslims who believe their faith requires them to live honestly with their neighbors according to the Golden Rule have as much to lose from the advance of the militant and subversive jihadis and the "Islamification of America" as the rest of America's non-Muslim citizens do.

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